Monday October 18, 2010

Yet another week has rolled by and the weather has changed yet again. Several days of heat, occasionally reaching the low 90s and now it is cloudy and cool. We do have seasons here in the high desert and it certainly looks like fall has settled in.
Two hours ago we had a bit of lightening and thunder but no rain, a bit of drizzle but that was mostly it. Heavy clouds though.
I have been adding to the Collecting pages. There are several new photos on the existing pages and two more pages, one with toasters and one with electric mixers have been uploaded and more photos are in the works.

I’ve added a few more recipes to the list. A pumpkin chili, a pumpkin soup (hey, it’s pumpkin season) and a chestnut soup, all of which are perfect for this cooler weather. The chili recipe will feed a crowd and it freezes and keeps well. It’s perfect for tailgate parties!

I will also be adding a page about my Basenji dog, Aston. Aston is a character and very entertaining. He has been battling a pair of ground squirrels that keep invading the garden. He hasn’t come near catching one but keeps trying. He did get one cornered in some stacks of plant pots but I distracted him enough to allow the little critter to escape. I put out stuff for them to eat so they don’t do much damage in the garden and they do give Aston a lot of exercise.

The garden is still producing tomatoes, eggplants and lots and lots of peppers. In fact, I’m trying to think of new recipes in which to use them. I only planted a couple of plants that produce hot peppers and am leaving them on the plants to ripen fully. A new pepper plant this year is Big Bertha, a bell pepper that is very large and quite long. The plants are over six feet tall and still growing. I’ve never had a pepper plant grow that tall and I’ve never grown a bell pepper as large as these. Another pepper is a Sweet Banana that, unlike other banana peppers, is not hot and has thicker flesh. They are excellent for frying.

I think the Yacon plants will soon be ready to harvest. The growth and production of new leaves has slowed and some of the lower leaves are drying and falling off. As this is the first year I have grown these, I will have to wait and see how they progress. I have dug up a couple of the roots to try them and they are delicious raw. I will definitely plant more next spring. They are somewhat like a Jerusalem artichoke but the tubers are smoother and bigger. I’ll take photos when I harvest them. The flavor is similar to a cross between jicama and Asian pear with a hint of celery. Very pleasant flavor raw and I am sure it will be just as good cooked, especially with butter. Isn’t everything better with butter?

I picked a basket full of tomatillos today so a batch of the chile verde sauce is on the horizon. Tomorrow I will pick some peppers, although the poblano are still pretty small. I may have to buy a couple to fill in.
I pulled the last of the carrots, “little Fingers” is the variety that did best. They don’t grow much longer than 4 inches and the biggest are less than an inch in diameter. They are quite sweet.
The ground squirrels got most of the other type I planted, they were the multi-color selection, white, red, purple and yellow. They are bigger, took longer to mature and are not as sweet as the little ones.

More later…

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2 Responses to Monday October 18, 2010

  1. Hermina says:

    Your blog site is so useful … keep up the excellent work! Also, is your wordpress theme a free one? and if so..can i have it? 🙂 Respectfully, Hermina.

    • asenjigal says:

      I uploaded my own photos of local wildflowers (California Poppies) to the Twenty Ten 1.1 theme.
      Yes, it is a free theme.
      The Theme is basically the same, I just substituted my own photos. It’s not difficult, just follow the step-by-step instructions under the Themes menu
      After you have selected the Twenty Ten theme and it is functioning on your page:
      Click on header and browse to select a photo from your computer.
      Then- choose background and upload a photo from your computer and select “Tile” in the Repeat line.
      I used a panorama view of the western mountains above the poppy fields for the header and a standard square closeup poppy photo that repeats for the background.

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