October 20, 2010

Awakened at 5:20 a.m. yesterday morning by huge crash of thunder as a T-storm rolled through. It happened again a bit over an hour later and continued on and off all day and well into the evening and night with lots and lots of rain, more than I can ever remember this early in the “rainy” season. By 6:00 p.m. yesterday Lancaster had accumulated .75 inch of rain and with the cloudburst we had last night, it must have been over an inch in a 24-hour period. That’s a lot of rain for an area on this side of the mountains.
Poor Aston was beside himself with all the thunder. He leaped like a startled deer every time there was even a rumble and when it was right overhead, we had a few that shook the house, he was shaking like a leaf and kept burrowing behind me in my chair to “hide” from the imagined threat.
We were lucky that our power stayed on, except for a few flickers. Other folks in our city were not so fortunate as lightning struck at least one power pole, knocking out the power to that area. Where I am the utilities are all underground so we had no local problems.
A few Joshua trees were struck and a neighbor told me that one near the road on which he was driving was blasted to bits. Some kids who live near here will be out looking for “lightning glass” when it is safe to go out there.

I’m baking today. I have some new baking mixes to try, ordered from The Prepared Pantry. I have been ordering baking supplies from this vendor for a long time and when one of their emails arrived with a tempting offer on some of their prepared mixes, I decided to try some and was very pleased with the results.
While I do love baking from “scratch,” I also like to try some things that require ingredients that I don’t usually have on hand. Buying a prepared mix that already contains these is actually more economical for me because if I don’t like the results, I’m not stuck with having to use up a supply of an unusual ingredient.
I don’t have any connection with this vendor, other than as a customer.

My garden is pretty soggy. Not going out there today as I have no idea where my wellies are and I’m not going to ruin my regular shoes. The birds can have the cherry tomatoes that I can see are ripe. Maybe tomorrow I will go out and clean up some of the plants that are beginning to die back. The cucumber vines are finished and the zucchini and crookneck squash.

A little while ago it looked like it was going to clear up, There was a strip of blue sky to the east and some thin sunlight but now the clouds have thickened again and it’s possible more rain is coming. I haven’t watched the news or listened to the radio yet this morning. The online weather channel says “Today: Variable clouds with showers and scattered thunderstorms. Scattered thunderstorms during the evening. Partly cloudy skies after midnight. Low 46F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.” Current temp is 57° F. Brrrrr.

Time to get busy and prepare for baking. I also have a pumpkin to cook so I will have puree for a pie and pumpkin soup I’m planning to make this weekend.

More later…

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