October 27, 2010

Another week has rolled around and the weather has changed yet again. After a few days of storms and clouds, it warmed up a little but the the winds came and the temps dropped again. Last night’s low was 35° F., getting close to freezing and my garden is taking notice. I left the irrigation system on all night, at barely a trickle, just in case it did get below freezing as I don’t want to lose all that tubing. It is supposed to be warmer the next several nights so I can put off detaching and draining the systems for a few days, until I have some help. Last year we did have some early rain but the nighttime temps did not go quite so low but it always changes from year to year.

I have started some of my holiday baking prep, candying citrus peel for fruitcake and infusing some dried fruits with wine and spirits to get them nicely plump. I steam most of them first so they more readily absorb the liquids.
I would like to candy some citron as the commercial stuff is practically tasteless but my local market has been unable to get it this year. Very disappointing. I’ve tried several online vendors but have not been pleased with any of the candied citron they offer.
I’ve laid in all the supplies I will need for the baking I’m planning. I’ve ordered some specialty items from online vendors. Hickory nuts are not available anywhere local to me so my only source is via the internet.
I also order chestnuts online from a reliable vendor who supplies extra large ones that never have any that are unusable. When purchased in stores I’ve often gotten chestnuts with worms, with mold and otherwise less than acceptable quality. I also order pecans from an online vendor. Fortunately almonds are available locally as they are grown in this area. I also buy local honey that is very good and reasonably priced.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I am always looking for ways to improve my gardening and cooking skills. My family loves eating real food.

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