November 11, 2010 – Veteran’s Day

This is a day to honor our Veterans. Take a moment to reflect on all they have done for our country.

BRRRR. It’s cold. The past few nights the temps have dropped below freezing and much of my garden is pretty much finished. The hardy herbs are still fine, it takes more than a little chill to knock them off but the tomato plants are looking rather forlorn. I picked all the tomatoes that were a fairly decent size, left some on the vines and have them hanging in my spare bathroom. There were hundreds of cherry tomatoes almost ready to ripen so I did the same for them.
I also picked all the peppers except from two plants in smaller pots that I brought inside and they too are in the bathroom under a grow light.
Meanwhile I made a double batch of the green tomato marmalade/pie filling for later consumption. Quite tasty, thanks Aunt Hattie Anne!

One of my neighbors gave me a basket of zucchini and I sliced and put them in pickling lime last night and when I finish here will make up some pickling brine and make bread and butter pickles.
The lime is not really necessary but it does keep them nice and crisp.
Another neighbor gave me a couple of unusual squashes. One is a “cushaw” and the other is a “fairy-tale pumpkin” that has a more interesting shape and appearance than the regular sugar pumpkin. It really does look like the pumpkin in Cinderella! Pie on the horizon and maybe soup!

While digging into cupboards, closets and boxes so I can clean and photograph the various things in my “collections,” I have discovered many things that I had totally forgotten. This includes a couple of things purchased as Christmas gifts for others and which I had put away so well that I “lost” them. Well, Christmas will soon be here and they are still new, so I will have less shopping this year. Probably wise, the economy being what it is.

I’m surprised that Social Security COLAs are not going to be increased again in 2011. How they can say that there has been NO inflation is beyond my comprehension. Food prices have increased and will continue to increase (according to Walmart’s own published figures) and that is what is crucial to older Americans who rely on Social Security.
I don’t know what factors the government considered in this determination but it is not the day-to-day expenses of the elderly and poor. This means that more people will fall below the poverty line, far below. And yet they will find the money to extend tax cuts to millionaires. Doesn’t seem fair to me. For the past decade the old saying, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” has really taken effect in our society. Are we living back in the age of the “robber barons,” or what?
After sixty years of the working class gaining ground and moving into the middle class, everything has hit the skids and we are sliding back into the bad old days. Something is wrong with this picture and I don’t like it.
I’m not a particularly political person but after the things I have been hearing during the past few months, I am becoming more so. I think a lot of people have been bamboozled by fast-talking, snake-oil salesmen who will say anything to get elected and then will, without an apology, turn around and spit on the folks who put them there. Too many people are way too gullible.

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