November 4, 2011 A reminder about seasonal recipes.

In the Northern Hemisphere the days are getting shorter and colder and today there is rain here in the high desert (Antelope Valley, California) and it is time to be thinking about soups, stews and other warming foods.

In my list of Resurrected Old and some New Recipes I have included some that fit well with this season.
Consider the Provence Style Pumpkin Soup which is very tasty and as there are beautiful winter squash as well as some unusual varieties of pumpkins now available, it is a perfect time for it.

It’s also an excellent time to try your hand at making Meemaw’s Pork Mincemeat which is a versatile item that does not need to be made only for the Christmas Pork Fruitcake.

A Spicy Chestnut Soup is also a seasonal favorite and is different from the ordinary.

And to finish off a lovely holiday (or any day) meal, there is the really different Pumpkin/Pecan Pie.
This recipe makes enough filling for several pies but is not difficult to cut in half.

Last, but certainly no least, is my Andie’s Original Pumpkin Chili Mexicana which took me several years to develop and which is great for parties as it serves a lot of people.
It can be prepared well ahead of time and is actually better after the flavors have had time to meld. It also freezes well.

Also in the list you will see the Slow-Roasted Winter Vegetables, and other recipes that will make your holiday eating a bit more adventuresome.

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