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January 21, 2012 – Kitchen Essentials: Part 1, Silicone Lids

In this post I’m writing about some of the essential utensils and accessories needed in the kitchen of the 21st century. Forth-three years ago, when I got my first microwave oven (Amana Radarange) there were NO accessories for microwave ovens. … Continue reading


Photos like those in my header

Several people have inquired privately about the photos in my header and background on this blog. They were all taken in 2008 during the maximum poppy bloom in the western end of the Antelope Valley, which is where I live. … Continue reading


Back home again after my holiday trip 01/05/2012

First I spent a month baking cookies and preparing other goodies and then I packed up and drove north to visit my daughter and her family. Along with me went sufficient cookies to supply hungry folks for a while, hopefully! … Continue reading