February 23, 2012

So here it is, nearing the end of February and I haven’t done much on keeping up with posting on this blog. I keep telling myself to get with it, but I am a serious procrastinator, especially when there are many interesting things to do, to read, to contemplate and etc.

Just prior to Valentine’s day I happened to see a commercial for the personalizedd M&Ms candies.
I visited the site and was intrigued so dug out one of my old basenji drawings and submitted it, along with an appropriate phrase regarding basenjis, and ordered some.
They arrived today and I am quite pleased with the results.
Here is a close up view.
Basenji M&Ms

This is a drawing I did in 1977 of a basenji yodeling with great enthusiasm. It’s a classic pose!

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5 Responses to February 23, 2012

  1. Danna says:

    Love your Basenji Yodels! Same color as your desert poppies!

  2. Laura says:

    I was doing a search for a basenji cake for our Dogster Group, Basenji Bratz – and I came across your M&Ms! So cute! Great drawing.

    I have two basenjis of my own — Talker and Savannah aka Banners!

    • asenjigal says:

      Here’s a basenji cake I made using a lamb cake mold as a base, adding the ears, muzzle and curly tail.
      You have to use a fairly dense pound cake so it will hold together – along with sufficient bamboo skewers to keep all the bits in place.

  3. bobby says:

    andi—you still around for a question or two? I have some garlic questions…

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