Antique and vintage cast iron cookware. Getting ready for ebay

These first photos are of ANTIQUE English cast iron cooking pots that are like those seen in the kitchen scenes on DOWNTON ABBEY.

The very large one is  6 IMPERIAL quarts – equal to 14.2 U.S. Pints.   This is very heavy.

The smallest is One pint – also Imperial measure – equal to 1.2 U.S. Pints.

The two earliest are ca. 1895, the large one dates to 1910.

HPIM5888 HPIM5893 HPIM5894 HPIM5895 HPIM5892


I also have a lot of AMERICAN MADE cast iron.

Including this huge oval roaster made by Griswold – the back stamp “Large Block” logo was used between 1920 and 1940.

HPIM5883 HPIM5884 HPIM5885 HPIM5886 HPIM5887

As long as it is cared for and treated with respect, cast iron can last for decades or even centuries.

And even though many people collect it, there are still “treasures” to be found.  One of the women who works at a local thrift store, found an Erie “Spider” skillet in a box of mostly junk that had been dropped off outside the back door of the store a few weeks ago.  It was in almost perfect condition and looked like it had been used sparingly.

Go to the site Cast Iron Collector  BEFORE you go shopping for antique and vintage cast iron.

I will be posting this as a Page after I have photos of more pieces of my cast iron collection.

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