May 12, 2014 Antique coffee roaster now on ebay.

Coffee Roaster3

I’ve owned this old coffee roaster (also can be used for chestnuts) for quite a few years – never used it because someone had given it a coat of black paint and in my opinion it needed to be removed prior to exposing it to heat.

I think it was painted to keep it from rusting and to make it look more presentable for display.

This one has a ring that holds the “axle” that allows the roaster to be turned, using the handle – which is long enough to keep the hand well away from the heat, something not as evident on some similar roasters…

It holds at most half a pound of coffee beans – that is, it will hold more but they need to be loose in the drum to roast evenly.  I put some coffee beans in the drum and figured that the optimal amount would be about 6 ounces but it could be stretched to 8.

The drum is 6 1/2 inches long and 4 1/4 inches in diameter.

Coffee Roaster

Coffee Roaster5

Coffee Roaster6 Coffee Roaster2 Coffee Roaster4


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