May 16, 2014 Cookie Jars and some more teapot photos

This cute little duck, dressed in yellow raingear, was made by Metlox.  I got him as part of  a “lot” of several diverse items, bowls, etc., back in the ’90s.

Metlox DUCKMetlox DUCK1 Metlox DUCK2

This is a “Cattail” cookie jar made by Universal potteries and sold through Sears.  The Cattail design was very popular and is seen on many items.

Cattail cookie Cattail closeup Cattail cookie1Cattail cookie3

And this is a large cookie jar with a Basenji – received as a gift years ago.

HPIM6353 HPIM6357 HPIM6355


These are some of the teapots in my previous post – closeup views as they did not show up well in the early photos.

Both made by Hall China.

HPIM6368 HPIM6373

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