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June 18, 2014 Adding more teapots. Metal TEAPOTS

The various type of materials that have been used to produce teapots is staggering.  Ceramics of all types from crude, heavy pottery to stoneware,  porcelain both hard paste and soft paste, faience and bone china and the extremely tough vitrified … Continue reading


June 9, 2014 – Adding some more photos to the “Teapots” page.

Some of these teapots have been packed away for nearly fifteen years and a few even longer.  Most are “vintage” and a few are newer. A Sadler teapot with typical Art Deco design popular in the 1930s.   A Sadler … Continue reading


June 5, 2014 Added today: my recipe for MUSTARD – Home made, Easier than you might believe.

Here is the link to the page with my Master Mustard recipe. I have been meaning to add this to the list of recipes for some time but I had managed to “lose” some of the photos. This might look … Continue reading

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