June 9, 2014 – Adding some more photos to the “Teapots” page.

Some of these teapots have been packed away for nearly fifteen years and a few even longer.  Most are “vintage” and a few are newer.

A Sadler teapot with typical Art Deco design popular in the 1930s.

Sadler Art Deco


A Sadler  “Chintz” decorated teapot from England.Sadler Chintz 1

Sadler Chintz 2


TUSCAN – Fine Bone China, Made in England



Two Japanese “Redware” teapots, different shapes and styles.  These were very popular in the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s. Sold at Woolworth’s and other “Five and Dime” stores.

Japan redware::

Japan redware::2

Japan teapot:red

Japan teapot:red1

Old Country Roses by Royal Albert – this 1998 teapot made in Indonesia.

Old Country Roses


A teapot with the “Cattail” pattern made by Universal Potteries



A Hall China teapot made for the Lipton Tea company – often given as “premiums” for purchase of several boxes of tea.

Hall Lipton




A Chinese red  Hall China Sani-Grid teapot.

Hall red sani-grid



A Forman Family teapot with metal “cozy” teapot made by Hall China.  The ceramic finial indicates an early piece, the later ones had metal finials.  This one purchased new in 1940.


A small single serve teapot by Hall China for their “institutional” line – restaurant ware.

Hall Tea instutional:restaurant

A Hall China  Philadelphia teapot.

Hall Philadelphia

A Shenango teapot in the “Castle” pattern unusual teal color.

Shenango castle

A silverplate teapot made by E. G. Webster & Bro., late 19th century – a true antique. Needs polishing.  Has a couple of dents.

silplate tpot E.G.Webster&bro1

A Sadler English teapot decorated with teapots!Teapot with teapots

A very small Redware teapot, no marks.Little redware unmarked

A Sadler English Teapot, teal and gold.Sadler Teal:gold

A Hall China “Murphy” teapot, in light blue, the most common color.Hall MURPHY

A fake “blue flo” – Blue Willow style teapot, rather crudely made and with fake “Victoria Ironstone” marks.

Fake blue ironstone1


Shawnee Teapot.  Made in USA.

Shawnee teapot 1


And lastly, another Sadler, this one the “Sad Sadler” with it’s handle broken.  A lovely teapot that survived for decades only to suffer a major injury now.  Pretty Blue Willow decoration.

Sad Sadler1


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11 Responses to June 9, 2014 – Adding some more photos to the “Teapots” page.

  1. Great work, i like your post very much..

  2. These are all so pretty, particularly the floral ones!

  3. David Shephard says:

    Hi I am desperately trying to buy a teapot to match the set my mum has bought me. I have found it on here, do you sell them?

    Thank you
    Maria Shephard
    07811 387550

    • asenjigal says:

      Which one is it?

      • David Shephard says:

        It is the Tuscan Fine Bone China, fourth one down in your pictures with the blue flowers

        • asenjigal says:

          That is one of the more unusual teapots and I hadn’t planned on selling it yet. Let me think about it a bit. I also have to get some pricing info.
          I have some health issues right now and have to get that straightened out (aortic stenosis – need a new valve…) and the cardiologist says it is critical. If I can have the less invasive procedure the recovery period is much less, which I’m hoping for.

  4. David Shephard says:

    Thank you very much for coming back to me. I am very sorry to hear you are unwell.

    Would you be able to give me any more information on the teapot?

    I have all the cups, saucers, side plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and cake plate all in perfect condition but can find no information at all!!

    I’m am in the UK, where are you?

    I’d love to learn more when you have time.

    Best wishes


    • asenjigal says:

      I’m in southern California. I’ll check and see if I can find any more info about the teapot. On the bottom it just says TUSCAN – Fine bone china and Made in England.
      You may use my photo if it will help you in finding one in the UK. You should be able to get it with a screen shot – and perhaps post in on FaceBook
      There are a number of teapot collectible FB sites. One is Teapot Island which I “liked” some time ago and which has some interesting things pictured.
      I’m sure you can join and post a photo and ask if anyone knows where the teapot might be available in England.

  5. David Shephard says:


    Thank you for your reply.

    I’m having no luck at all the design is called Devon.

    Would you be interested in selling yours?

    Thank you.


  6. Y.Levi says:

    Hi there, Im interested in the Sadler  “Chintz” decorated teapot, would you consider to sell it? Im in Australia. Also just wondering how many cups the teapot holds? Thanks again and best wishes.

    • asenjigal says:

      I’m in southern California and the shipping costs to OZ would be prohibitive.
      also, I am really not so eager to ship something so fragile that distance.

      Have you tried ebay in Australia? Back when I was actively collecting, I often saw chintz Sadler teapots offered.

      This one is a 6-cup pot, made in 1947. Identified as “pink and yellow roses chintz”

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