July 1, 2014 – Glass Teapots

Here are some glass teapots.
Glass teapots are perfect for brewing the “presentation” or blooming teas that are constructed so they open like a flower when hot water is poured into the teapot.

The ribbed teapot is “vintage” from the 1950s. It is unmarked but had a Pyrex handle. It has a built-in infuser that can be lowered and raised and a device on the lid that catches the chain to hold it out of the water. Very clever idea.

The others are all newer – I just broke the lid on one as I was taking it off the shelf – tipped it a bit too far and the lid popped out. I can’t find the infusers for two of them – they are somewhere but right now I have no idea where.

The one with the box, the Grosche is a cute shape but the design is iffy. The top of the lid gets extremely hot after the tea is steeped so that one has to use a hot pad to hold the lid while pouring the tea so it won’t fall out. The glass infuser also has to be handled carefully because it also stays very hot.
The bowl-type Bodum has a plastic bowl-shaped infuser (ideal for loose full leaf teas that need a lot of room to unfurl) and the “handle” of the infuser basket doesn’t get all that hot, probably because the plastic insulates it.
The large straight-sided teapot has a plastic infuser that hangs from the outer lid and can be lifted out by holding that lid.

There are many other designs available in glass teapots, both traditional shapes and sizes.
Adagio Tea has a couple of interesting shapes, one with a warmer stand which is quite pretty.
Republic of Tea also has several lovely glass teapots, including the “bowl” teapot which they have as Earl Grey Teapot and infuser.
They also carry the Assam teapots which work like a French press but only the medium and small sizes.

Teavana offers several shapes and sizes of glass teapots.

A wide selection of glass teapots is available at Teavivre!  And they have a glass teapot with 12 Blooming/Flowering teas  Description HERE.

Amazon of course offers several pages of glass teapots, all different shapes and sizes, some individual, most medium and a few quite large, including a 1 and 1/2 liter tea kettle/teapot with infuser “egg” by Menu.

One inexpensive French press coffee/tea maker – large “Basel” by Grosche should come with a caveat.  It should not be cleaned in the dishwasher.  The plastic “cage” that holds the glass carafe became brittle and cracked after three times in the dishwasher.  And I found it impossible to remove the glass from the cage.  It was only 12.99 (now 13.99) when I purchased it.  I tossed the cage and the lid/press and kept the beaker for awhile but it cracked so it too was tossed.

Amazon also has the Yama Glass “Sitka” teapot which I think is very attractive and is ideal for loose “full leaf” tea that requires room to unfurl.  The strainer is above the liquid and keeps the leaves from pouring into the cup or mug.   I’m considering adding this one to my collection because it is different.

I have two of the Assam teapots with glass handles, one large – 51 oz, available at Amazon, and one medium, 34 oz.

Vintage ribbed glass Vintage ribbed glass3 Vintage ribbed glass1 Vintage ribbed glass2



Grosche Grosche1 Grosche4 Grosche5 Grosche6 Grosche8 Grosche7






Bodum bowl Bodum bowl1 Bodum bowl2 Bodum bowl3




straight infuser straight infuser1 straight infuser2 straight infuser3


Large glass teapot Large glass teapot1


broken top broken top2




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2 Responses to July 1, 2014 – Glass Teapots

  1. Greg Stewart says:

    Can you lead me to any more on the ribbed one on top. Just picked one up on a garage sale locally….seller had it on her annual sale for 3 years. I finally bought it for $10. Coffee is more my thing but found it interesting and wanted more info.

    • asenjigal says:

      I don’t have any more info. The pot is not identified but the handle is almost exactly like many of the Pyrex handles on vessels of the same era.

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