My collections are going on ebay. Some of them…

I have been selling a few of my things on ebay, but now have decided to sell more.  In many cases it is difficult saying goodbye to things I have cherished for so many years – or in some cases decades – but now it is time to part with them and reclaim the space they have occupied in my house.

At present I have several vintage items on auction at my ebay.

There are some “watchers” on some of the items but no outright bids as yet.

One person sent me a private message explaining that she is reluctant to bid on ebay items because of the possibility of getting into a “bidding war” and driving the price up past what she would like to pay.

HAVEN’T THESE PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF BIDNAPPER??  There are other “robot” bidding systems, but I have used Bidnapper for years and with great success.  Only ONCE have I failed to win an auction and that was my fault.

One can set the absolute maximum one is willing to pay for an item and forget about the auction until after it ends.  Bidnapper will notify you if there is an active bid for a higher amount – ignore it because you don’t want to spend more.   After the end of the auction, bidnapper will notify your that you have won (or not) and you can go to ebay and complete the transaction.  It is so EASY, it is something a child can do.

Anyway, I am ready to add this pretty set of SUNBEAM ART DECO Coffee and Tea servers with their own “stoves” (what manufacturers called hot plates specifically made for appliances in the ’30s), cream and sugar and tray.   This design is so evocative of that era that I would not be surprised to see Hercule Poirot pouring a “tisane” from one of these pots.

SB 1

The next photo with the “stoves” in front.  They heat up rapidly.

SB 2

Close up of the cream and sugar.

SB 6

Close ups of one of the stoves top and bottom:

SB 7

SB 8

Close ups of the coffee and tea carafes:  They have some surface scratches – not surprising since they are about 80 years old!

I have not attempted to polish them but have been assured some careful applications of Semichrome – and some elbow grease will do wonders.

SB 10 SB 9










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10 Responses to My collections are going on ebay. Some of them…

  1. Joan says:

    I am wondering if you would be selling any of your electric cast iron waffle makers. Thanks!

    • asenjigal says:

      Yes. I have sold a few on eBay. Which ones are of interest to you?

      • Joan says:

        I’m not an expert on them, but am looking for a cast iron type that I could remove the plates to clean them really well before using. Basically, clean them like you would a regular cast iron pan if it were really dirty or bought used. I would need it in working condition of course (we have 10 kiddos who love waffles!). Is there anything else I should be asking about? 🙂

        • asenjigal says:

          You need one of the bigger waffle irons and I no longer have one of those to sell. I only have the older ones from the ’30s that are smaller.
          I suggest you look on ebay for a Sunbeam CG, CG-1 or a WB-C which have both waffle grids and smooth plates for use as griddle or sandwich press and are removable for cleaning – can go in the dishwasher. But can develop a good coating of “seasoning” to make them virtually non-stick.
          I have one that I use myself (the CG-1) and these older ones do not have the teflon coating of the later models. This one looks good to me Model CG and the price is reasonable.

          • Joan says:

            Wow, thank you so much for your help! I totally want to avoid the non-stick type, so that’s why I’m searching. That one looks like it’s in great shape. So, since the plates are cast iron, do you think they can be baked in the oven at a high temp. to thoroughly clean it? I actually clean any cast iron pans in a fire when I get them used and season them really well. I wasn’t sure if I could do that with these. Again, thanks so much for your time! I so appreciate it! 🙂

          • asenjigal says:

            The grids are cast aluminum, not cast iron.

            I use Carbon Off, which is safe on cast aluminum and works a treat to remove burnt-on grease better than any other product I have used and I have tried them all.

            I buy it at an auto supply place that is close to my home but it is in most of the “home” stores or you can order it from Amazon.
            I spray it on, allow it to “work” for several hours and then rinse off with hot water and put the grids through the dishwasher using Dawn dish detergent and a tablespoon of baking soda. As soon as the cycle is finished, I brush the grids with a scrub brush which is usually enough to knock off the remaining bits.

        • Joan says:

          Hmmmm…so is there not a vintage waffle iron out there made with cast iron instead of aluminum? For some reason I thought there was.

          • asenjigal says:

            Even some of the ones from the ’30s are cast aluminum. The ones made from cast iron are heavier and the heat transfer is not as efficient, which is why the “premium” manufacturers switched to cast aluminum, which heats up faster and bakes more evenly.
            However the commercial appliances continued to use cast iron because the heat output was greater, so they baked more rapidly. Commercial waffle irons had cast iron grids but put out a lot more heat and most were 220 watts so not suitable for a home kitchen.
            There are non-electric, stove top waffle irons made of cast iron and there are some on Amazon at fairly reasonable prices but the waffles are small.

          • Joan says:

            Thanks so much. This is such great info, and will pass it on to all my friends who are thinking older models have cast iron (we are trying to steer away from aluminum and non stick). I have seen the cast iron stove top models and have read they are a pain to use and clean up after, let alone how long we’d be standing there cooking one by one! Maybe the occasional use of the aluminum type wouldn’t be so bad. Your info has been very valuable. Have a blessed day!

  2. asenjigal says:

    Once there is a good layer of “seasoning” on the aluminum grids, they are virtually non-stick.

    As long as you are not putting a high acid food in contact with aluminum, there is absolutely NO leaching into the food so don’t worry about that.

    Aluminum is the BEST conductor of heat – after copper but there are no copper waffle irons.

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