I put my pink 1960 Sunbeam Mixmaster on Ebay

I just listed my Pink Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 12 from 1960  on EBAY.

There are so many and I have to get rid of some so am putting them up for auction little by little.

The Model 12 was manufactured from 1957 to 1967 and was the first “Twelve-speed” Mixmaster (actually there were really just 11 speeds). And was very popular. Besides the basic white, it was made in this pretty pink color and also in Aqua, Yellow and Chrome.

This was not used much, the lady who owned it before me was a business woman who did only minimal cooking. She said she ate out most of the time.  Her kitchen was the then “fashionable” pink and gray.  I’ve had this one and another pink in my collection for about 25 years.  The base and stand on the other one suffered a “fatal” accident so I am selling it along with this complete one.

Pink #2

Pink #1


Pink #4

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