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KEFIR – Grow Your Own Delicious Drink and Dairy Staple

When and where kefir was first “discovered” is really unknown.  What is known is that it has been made by nomads in central Asia for at least 2000 years. Travelers wrote about it, including Marco Polo as they encountered nomadic … Continue reading

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The GRISWOLD # 7 Oval Roaster – Dutch Oven with Lid goes to Ebay

SOLD!    I’ve owned this big oval roaster since 1964 when I “liberated” it from my mother when I visited in June that year.  It had been my grandmother’s and was left to me but prying stuff away from my … Continue reading

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From Chatting About Cozies, News from Victoria Hamilton

RE:  VINTAGE KITCHEN MYSTERIES **NEWS** Hello, all… I know so many folks are having a hard time with the number of cozy mystery series that are not being renewed by Berkley. It looks like Vintage Kitchen Mysteries is among them; … Continue reading

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