The GRISWOLD # 7 Oval Roaster – Dutch Oven with Lid goes to Ebay

SOLD!    I’ve owned this big oval roaster since 1964 when I “liberated” it from my mother when I visited in June that year.  It had been my grandmother’s and was left to me but prying stuff away from my mother was not very easy.  I came back to California with some very heavy luggage.  Fortunately in those days, overweight charges were reasonable.

I love this but it is too large and too heavy for me to use nowadays so it is going on the block, so to speak, and delight another generation of cooks.

It has been in nearly constant use since it was manufactured and has been well maintained.  The exterior is a bit rough and a bit crusty because I used it in the barbecue fairly often, but the interior is as near perfect as one can find in a well-used vessel.

1 Griswold # 7 main photo

2 Exterior bottom and side



6 Interior without flash

7 Interior 1



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