Brewing Coffee in a Vacuum Pot

I remember my grandmother brewing coffee in a vacuum pot right at the breakfast table. The electric brewer was as decorative as the toaster or the other appliances that were designed to be seen as well as enjoyed.

Compared to perked coffee (or boiled for that matter) the coffee brewed in a vacuum pot was clearer but with great flavor – depending on the coffee used and how it was ground.

Over the years I have used just about every vacuum brewer made, especially those pictured on my blog page that shows the vacuum brewers that I own, as well as some that I no longer have – some were lost in the ’94 earthquake.

I prefer vacuum brewed coffee to coffee brewed by most other methods; percolators, drip brewers, whether pour-through or automatic, etc.
However, I am particular in that I like coffee freshly brewed and even in a vacuum pot coffee begins to taste “stale” to me shortly after sitting on a warmer. After twenty minutes or so I don’t like the flavor so now I use a single serve coffee “brewer,” the Senseo Supreme. I’ve had several Senseo machines, starting with the first basic one which was a gift in 2004 and have worked my way up to the Supreme.
To my taste, the coffee produced in a vacuum pot and that produced by the Senseo, especially the dark roast, are comparable in flavor.
I recently was given a Nescafé Dolce Gusto single-serve machine and have been using it alternatively with the Senseo. It brews with 15 bars of pressure so can also produce espresso.

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  1. Dave says:

    Try a Corning 4-cup dripolator.

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