Larger “Small” Appliances – Too BIG for “Collecting” more than one, or maybe two.

These are appliances that strain the description of “small appliance” because they are large, take up far too much room to work as a “collection” because of the space required to display them. However, they are interesting and fun and certainly get a lot of comments from people when they see them in use for the first time.

This includes the large electric roasters. Westinghouse, Nesco, GE, Hamilton Beach, etc.
An Everhot roaster is on the “Other Vintage Small Electric Appliances” page.

Also I have a Hamilton Beach malt mixer – a restaurant appliance with three mixer heads. It works! The power cord was replaced in the late 1990s. One is certainly more than enough of this item.


It also includes appliances such as this one.

The Ritz “Black Angus” Rotisserie, manufactured by the Marlun Mfg. Co. in New York, N.Y.
This is Model 711.
It has shelves as it could also be used as a broiler and in my discussions with people who owned or do own them, the most common use was as a broiler with the rotisserie a secondary and less often use.
Some owners have added some clever “attachments” that did not come with the original appliance.
One added a tubular type “basket” so he could use the rotisserie to broil shrimp, chicken wings, chile peppers and other small items.

I’ve owned this one for several years. I had one earlier that was heavily used and eventually discarded, totally used up.

Here with the Rotisserie in place.

Here with the broiler pan at the correct height for steaks and chops.

This is the broiler element. Ceramic with heavy coils.

The inside.

With the rotisserie in place.


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