-My Basenji Aston

Aston, like many Basenjis, is a real character. I have owned and lived with many Basenjis over the years and every one is different. Most have been very good companions, playful, even when quite elderly. Some have had distinctive personalities and one was a genius among dogs.
Aston isn’t quite as bright as that but he is pretty smart. He has certainly got me trained!

I have traveled with him and he was an excellent travel buddy. He behaved beautifully when we stayed in hotels (other than him objecting to being left alone in his crate) and made a lot of friends for Basenjis. Everyone he met thought he was simply a lovely, friendly dog with nice manners.
Aston is a retired show dog so he did have some experience with being handled by strangers and all that goes with the life of a show dog.

On the road with Aston. He really knows how to relax. This was in New Mexico.

See what I mean? Although this was at home, on MY furry throw. Aston thought it should be HIS!

He has lots of toys that he keeps in this bed.

In some of the photos you can see he is wearing a “belly band” because from time to time he forgets he is supposed to be housebroken and decides to mark his territory. A bit of time spent wearing the belly band reminds him that such activity is not allowed and eventually he gets the idea. It’s an easy way to keep from having to erase the evidence of his “accidents” which are not really accidental. He is very deliberate about leaving his mark.

Aston really knows how to relax.

Here we are in Arizona.

And he has to carefully clean his feet, a typical Basenji trait.

Sometimes he snoozes under his “blankie” – or often MY blankie!

Sometimes he has a truly “soulful” look.

Ready to chase a thrown toy.


Here he is a “retriever” – an ersatz pheasant.

Last year we had snow and Aston was not too sure he approved of this stuff. He had never before experienced it.

He learned it is impossible to run away from it.

Aston disapproved of his travel crate. He was fine in the van, it was being in the crate while I was away from the hotel room that was his main objection. He attempted to make his own doorway. Looks like he was planning on a zipper effect.

Here’s a photo of another basenji, a girl puppy named Only Me.

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  1. Darienne says:

    What can I say? What a pretty boy!

  2. Toolprincess says:

    What a lovely boy!

  3. ruthcooks says:

    I love it that his toy has a belly band, too!

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