Today I made scones using some pre-prepared orange zest which speeds up many recipes and is something I “invented” myself.

Before I juice oranges or lemons or cut them up for eating or adding to a salad or other dish, I REMOVE THE ZEST WITH A MICROPLANE.  Now you can do this when making a recipe that calls for it but often you don’t have and orange or a lemon.

So, you grate all that nice, flavorful zest and have a pile of it on a plate (I use a paper plate that can be folded to facilitate putting the zest into a small bowl.

After the zest has been transferred to the bowl, I add some granulated sugar or superfine sugar, depending on what is handy.  I stir the zest and sugar together until it is well mixed, adding a bit more sugar if it looks too “fluffy” – it should look like a grainy paste.

Cover it with plastic wrap and put in the fridge.  It keeps quite well and you can add to it as more oranges or lemons are used.

Try it.  You will find that you have a ready supply of orange zest and dont have to hunt for the microplane or run to the store to buy an orange or lemon if you forgot one.  (I also have lemon juice frozen in cubes for such occasions)

So there you have it.  My little invention that saves time and relieves stress…